This Fool: Clyde and Clyde two parter yields a new business idea

“This Fool” used the second episode of it’s second season to give us its first two parter, and told a big story despite the fact that it took place essentially all in one location.

We began with Luis and Julio heading to John’s (aka OG) suit’s store to discover that the store’s landlord sold the property to Chinese billionaires who were going to turn the store into high priced condos. Deciding to take the rest of the day to goof off, the cousin’s meet up with Luis’ new unofficial girlfriend, Ruby, and head to a convenience store.

Enter Sonny, who we observed getting left behind by his girlfriend Erica and his partner Ernie during a robbery. The two are being hailed as the new Bonnie and Clyde as they become an internet sensation in the span of a couple of hours. Sonny takes the group along with the store owner, Farhad, hostage, as Julio discovers that Maggie, his girlfriend from the first season, married Julio Tambien (that’s his name, as well as the Spanish word for same). Disillusioned Julio joins forces with Sonny to arrange a new life in Costa Rica.

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Outside, the LAPD led by a lazy longtimer (Rob Corddry) decides they’re not going to take Sonny’s demands seriously and are going to milk the clock for overtime. After getting a pizza dumped on his head by Julio, an embarrassed rookie cop decides he’s going to save the day and tries to sneak in the store, where Ruby and Luis have begun fighting, and a frustrated Sonny decides to turn on Julio forcing him to pledge that he’s going to start a new cafe with the rehabilitated felons he used to work with.

The rookie cop falls through the roof and shoots Muhammad in the leg, setting him up for a likely LAPD injury settlement, while the cousins take down Sonny. Julio, Luis, and Ruby return home feeling better about the future as Julio pops open a die pack inside of the car from the money given to him by Sonny.

Let’s unpack some of this.

We heard “Icka Bicka Soda Cracker” again. The last time we heard it was from billionaire Richard Rowell (Fred Armisen) trying to decide which person was going to sleep with his wife in the penultimate episode of the first season.

Julio chooses John Wick over James Bond in the opening scene of the show. He’s dressed like Wick the entire time.

Julio bit Sonny like he bit Luis trying to escape his birthday celebration last season.

Finally, we got a look at a John Morgan billboard during the “I love LA” montage. Morgan is a Super Attorney from the Orlando area, who I’ve known sense I was a teenager working at Steak and Shake where he used to frequent.

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