Captain Fall: The sound of a triple homicide in Rio makes for a memorable episode 2

Captain Fall kicks off its second episode with Jonathan Fall arriving in Rio De Janeiro prepared to report to the Caribbean Queen, and embark on his career as the captain of what appears to be just another cruise boat to him. Completely unaware of the smuggling activities of the boat owned by Mr. Tyrant that just abducted a group of natives during the cold open.

Being escorted by a flight attended as an unaccompanied minor, Fall is picked up by Gunther who delivers him to the ship, where he is greeted by a welcome ceremony by Tryant’s operatives and instructed to sign a bunch of forms (likely waivers) before being shoved in his cabin.

Pedro takes Jonathan ashore to enjoy the good life in Rio (while cargo is loaded on to the ship), and Fall promptly blows his savings on a fake Rolex. He then wanders into an alley where a trio of crooks are waiting to rob him. Luckily, Pedro intervenes and kills two of the attackers with a knife to the eye sockets, and the third is hit by a bus while fleeing covered in blood and screaming in pain.

Fall, clearly rattled by the triple homicide he just witnessed, returns to the ship and attempts to report the crime but Liza intercepts the call and fools him into thinking that triple homicides happen all the time in Rio and that the killers had it coming. Liza then realizes she’ll have to seduce Fall in his cabin before moving forward but he climaxes before anything actually happens.

One of the natives from the cold open attempts to escape the ship, but runs into Fall who apparently transmits some kind of main land sickness to the native subduing him and allowing him to be captured. Mr Tyrant warns the crew that “changes” will have to be made if Fall is not a successful captain.

Animated shows don’t often get credit for their sound work but the ambiance of the attack in the alley was very well done. No music. No voices. Just very graphic noise. Very unsettling and nicely done.

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