Praise Petey: “Father’s Knee” revives the cult’s magazine operation

Episode 4 of “Praise Petey” begins with Petey talking to her friends (who are also her former step mothers because the girls in the New Utopia cult were married to her cult leader dad) along with a push for visioning boards, which are only done by women and short men.

During the conversation Petey decides to revive the town magazine, which she later discovers was only used by her father to extort cult members and prevent them from leaving the group. She visits the office and meets Gene, the shady reporter, and is approached by Ella, her ex best friend who cheated with Petey’s ex fiancee, Brian the Board. Petey sends Ella on the intern quest of finding copier toner.

Petey decides her first issue will focus on Bandit, the magazine’s biggest critic who will interview with her if she helps him fix the barn. The two flirt throughout the work until Bandit reveals that the barn will serve as a deprogramming center for the cult.

A jealous Ella and a bored Gene form an anti Petey alliance, while Petey goes to look for dirt on Bandit, and discovers he was not one of the “hot” guys banished by her father. Eliza immediately notices Ella and Gene spying on her and wonders if Petey discovering that she also used to be her stepmom would affect their friendship.

Petey then catches Bandit lying about being attractive and as a motive for opposing the cult, but Eliza calls her out for being attracted to him after reading her article. Back at the barn, Bandit’s dog (that is correct) says the same thing to him. Then both, feeling regretful about their behavior respectively destroy their article and barn. To make Petey feel better Eliza confesses that she was married to her dad, and Petey moves past it because the two were never intimate.

To close, Ella and Gene realize they have become friends which inspires Ella to make up with Petey. And the town seems fairly happy with the new magazine.

And just in case you were wondering. Here is that Chris Evans interview.

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