Praise Petey: “We Need $30” and a surprisingly realistic spotlight on church finances

“Praise Petey” returned this week and whether it intended to or not, it taught some pretty realistic fundamental economic lessons. But I’ll start with the synopsis first.

The New Utopia economy is in shambles because Petey’s dad died essentially killing its biggest economic driver of cult recruitment, which requires new members to donate everything they own to the leader in exchange for their new comet-centric life. While discussing the local economy with Mae Mae, she falls ill because she can’t afford her medication. Petey and Eliza have to make $10 dollars times three, or $30 dollars, and making things tougher is that all of the local ATMs are broken with a “funds not available” error. After learning from her mother that the family accountability coach has cut her off, she has to go to the local fair to discover how to raise the money.

After a couple of failed attempts, Petey relents and decides to fall back on the cult’s parasitic recruiting practices. During the induction ceremony of a local doctor, who longs for his old crush with sharp elbows, Tammy Overalls, we learn that the elders live in marble palaces. Petey decides that she’ll sell the palaces to help get New Utopia back on its feet, forcing the elders to live together but also spawning a new reality TV show, “Elder House”.

Some notes…

This is an animated comedy show, but if you’re not following your church’s finances, you should. They may not be marble palaces, but some religious leaders live very well.

There were two big reveals. Bandit is Mae Mae’s son. And Petey’s mom is Tammy Overall with the sharp elbows.

The “Big Short” is one of my favorite films, and it doesn’t surprise me that Petey has watched it seven times. Real talk, if more people discovered they could learn about the mortgage crisis from Barbie and Selena Gomez we’d be much better off.

Elder Krab Borb is my favorite elder on “Elder House” and probably yours too.

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below.

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