Captain Fall: Episode four highlights illegal drug smuggling and swingers

Episode four of “Captain Fall” demonstrates the ability for the show to tell an effective story off of the boat and away from it’s title character, with “Boner Medicine” taking place most outside the operation of the Caribbean Queen.

We do get a brief check in with Fall after being forcibly kept in a coma by Liza and the crew after the attack from Von Der Recht following the human zoo fiasco, before we meet Joel and Vivian, a married couple who have made the decision to go to a swinger’s club, with Joel clearly dragging his wife along.

On the way to the club, Joel stops at a small drug store outside of town where he purchases some pills for erectile dysfunction and some condoms. When the couple arrives at the location, Joel instantly begins lusting for the hostess while Vivian reluctantly begins wandering around. Joel gets the greenlight from the hostess but is unable to perform. When he catches up to his wife, she’s participating in sexual acts with several men at once. Angry, he returns to the drug store where the clerk convinces him to buy tiger c*** an illegal and highly effective ED medication.


We then seen Steele in a morgue examining Joel, who died after taking the medication and has been one of many victims who have died from the drug. After getting tipped off by one of his prostitute informants Steele picks up his Chief, who posts on social media that they’re going to raid the pharmacy. The pharmacy then explodes as they arrive, leaving Steele to wonder if the store is a part of a larger operation.

We then observe Gunter on the Caribbean Queen cutting off the genitalia from tigers and dropping them in boxes, as the tiger corpses fall down a chute and fall in the ocean. On the bridge we see a clueless Captain Fall as the episode ends.

Only one “you might have missed” and that was Liza replacing the guns on the rack behind a ship safety sign.

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below.

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