Righteous Gemstones: Epic season three finale will be impossible to beat for HBO overachiever

The Rigtheous Gemstones concluded it’s third season on Sunday night, with a bibilically epic two episode evening that underlined how much the comedy has done this season, carrying the night for HBO for the past several weeks.

We got to watch Baby Billy’s Bible Bonkers come to life in a quiz show death match between the Gemstones and Simkins families with the fortune of race car driver, Dusty Daniels, at stake. The overproduced spectacle had hip hop dancers, a full orchestra with back up singers, and even a hurricane chamber.

This epicness was taking place while a desperate Peter Montgomery staged a Smut Busters van full of explosives outside of the studios equipped with a dead man’s switch, as Eli and Mae Mae tried to talk him out of blowing up the studio full of people, his family included.

Then locusts..

The biblical plauge poured down from the sky, disrupting the attack, and filling the studio. Jesse would rescue his wife and Dusty before, his dad rescued him. The rest of the family would also go to the ones they loved to make sure they were safe. After the attack, Peter would drive the van away from hurting others. We’d learn later that he survived the major explosion.

Our closing package would show everyone coming together, taking turns driving Redeemer over things, just like the family did during the interlude flashback earlier in the season, as the spirit of Aimee Leigh looked on.

If the show wasn’t already renewed this would have been a picture perfect ending. It sets the bar sky high for the fourth season.

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But we underestimate how high this show can go.

HBO Sunday nights have been dragging since the premium channel lost two of the best shows on television on the same night in “Succession” and “Barry”. And if football isn’t on, America wants to watch HBO on Sunday nights.

“The Idol” was largely panned and even mocked, when it tried to fill the void.

But “The Righteous Gemstones” stepped up, giving us their best season and with John Goodman, Jennifer Nettles, Steve Zahn, and Kristen Johnson (who played May May) providing some dramatic depth, in addition to the rest of the cast slinging out the usual craziness from all sides.

We get the return of “Winning Time” next weekend. The basketball drama had an excellent first season and should keep a lot of eyeballs.

But The Righteous Gemstones did some great work this season.

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