This Fool: The Invisible People and Bald Eagles highlight episode six

Episode six of This Fool highlighted the troubles many new retirees have after leaving the workforce, while establishing a pleasant new friendship.

The Esperanza centric episode begins with the same oblivious workers we saw last season in her office with Matt aka Matteo aka “Tex Mex” (because his friends from college said he knows Spanish) writing “you’re going to die soon” on her happy retirement card, just before the party that ends with her being escorted out by security.

She lasts a complete day retired, before she gets frustrated and starts to irritate everyone around her by overcompensating around the house with her idle time. On her way to the spa she ignores Ana’s advice of wearing her glasses and ends up hitting Beverly Engelbartson with her car. She gets Beverly back in her home and the two become friends as Esperanza finds a new purpose, while giving a lonely old woman and her partially paralyzed cat some company. She begins lying to her family about her daily whereabouts.

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Esperanza and Beverly’s happiness is shortlived as we discover that Tex Mex is Beverly’s grandson. Esperanza recycles her lie that she was hit by a bald eagle, before being told that her new friend is going to a retirement home because she believes her house is haunted.

We observe Esperanza perform a seance that consist of running around the house and cursing at the ghosts, before meeting Beverly’s actual maid at the front door and scaring her away, convincing Beverly to stay put. That night we watch Esperanza also manipulate her own mom reminding us that she’s been lying the whole episode.

As the credits roll we see Esperanza’s dead garden while listening to Tex Mex call animal control about the bald eagles terrifying Los Angeles.

Some notes..

“Los personas invisables” phrase used by Tex Mex to define ghosts could be interpreted as the invisible people. “Fantasmas” is a safer way to go if you find yourself having to actually use the word.

We hear Don Emilio’s rooster from the season 2 premiere while Esperanza is working in the garden.

We encounter three Esperanzas during the episode. The replacement we meet during the cold open and Beverly’s actual cleaner at the end.

Tex Mex is obviously wrong again by saying bald eagles are extinct. They are still protected by law.

What did I miss? Let me know in the comments.

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