Captain Fall: “Face Off” gives us gorilla hand ashtrays and a likely divorce

Episode 6 of Captain Fall continues to lean in on the more violent themes of the show including the ability, for wild animals to completely destroy human beings in ignored or mistreated.

The outing begin with what we quickly realize is a fantasy, where Captain Fall is realized as a well built and handsome figure, who has Liza appear at his doorway wet from the rain in the middle of the night. The two begin having sex but the dream quickly comes to an end when Fall wets his bed. He then gathers his soiled laundry and begins to explore the ship, where he stumbles up on Gunter and Hans making ashtrays from gorilla hands. Before he fully realizes what’s going on, he’s shot with a tranquilizer dart by the real Liza. After strong arming the ship’s doctor and coercing a bad message from Fall’s parents, the Captain ultimately moves on.

Back on the mainland, Steel believes he’s located the zoo where the animals are being harvested for the deadly erectile dysfunction drug that has resulted in several deaths in the area. But the raid on the zoo goes horribly wrong, and we see violent apes, lions, and tigers escape the facility killing multiple agents and kindergarten teachers. Steel is blasted as a public enemy and we observe his wife leaving him at the end of the episode.

A couple extras

Munchen, the city mentioned by Gunter is better known by English speakers as Munich, Germany.

Captain Fall has been knocked out three times since his tenure on the Caribbean Queen has began. Once by gas. Once by a neck injection. And once by the tranq dart we see here.

Chief O’Neil gives Steel 30 seconds to explain his case. The show actual allots 15 seconds. Half of that.

That tiger Frank shot escalating the attack from the animals was just minding it’s own business.

This is the second killing spree we observe from killer cats, after that tragic attack of the Norwegians, who sadly had just escaped from a zoo themselves.

What did I overlook? Let me know in the comments.

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