Hijack: Answering your major questions after the season one finale

Hijack, on Apple TV concluded its first season this week with a finale that closed all of the major story angles, with an action filled conclusion that went down to the final moments.

Let’s answer some questions.

What happened to the Kingdom Flight?: Sam is ultimately able to communicate with Amanda, the mystery woman who took control of the cockpit at the end of the last episode. We discover that she is an aviation consultant and the terrorists were threatening her daughter, Elodie. After ensuring immunity for herself and the safety of her daughter, she brings the plane down with the help of Alice, the air traffic controller in a violent but ultimately successful landing on a small runway outside of London.

What happened to Sam’s son, Kai?: We last see Kai hiding from the cleaners in Sam’s apartment. He is discovered by the cleaners after a failed attempt to lure law enforcement to the flat. Detective Daniel O’Farrel, who is dating his mom is able to discover what’s going on and uses a fake fire alarm to lure the cleaners out of the apartment and arrest them.

Why was the plane hijacked, and what happened to the terrorists?: It was all about money. A stock play on plunging Kingdom Airline shares that amounted to millions of dollars. The terrorists on the ground ultimately turn on each other after their escape. In the air, all of the terrorists are eventually arrested with Stuart getting captured after one last one on one showdown with Sam.

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Anything else we should know about?: Yes, the terrorist actually had a third option if Amanda backed out in the form of the conspicuous businessman we’ve seen with lingering shots throughout the flight. He’s the one who lets Sam know about Amanda. The politicians on the ground also rejected a chance to shoot down the plane for a second time before it got to London.

What did I miss? Let me know in the comments below. Phew.. What a finale!

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