Hijack: The redemption of Daniel O’Farrell, and two other unsung heroes from the S1 finale

The first season of “Hijack” on Apple TV is in the books, and the conclusion was one of the best pieces of action television you’ll watch all year, with the story of our London bound Kingdom Airlines flight reaching its exciting and bumpy conclusion.

While Sam Nelson will get most of the flowers for getting everyone back on solid ground safely, he wasn’t the only hero from our adventure, not even close. You could argue that we don’t even realize that a hijacking is taking place without some of the characters we’re about to discuss.

Detective Daniel O’Farrell: This one I got wrong (read about that HERE) but what could I believe? Detective Daniel (Max Beesley) was outrun by an old woman a couple of episodes ago and let the bad guys get away last week. But Sam owes his the life of his son to Detective Daniel, who rescued Kai from the cleaners, and did so without spilling a drop of blood in the most clever way possible.

Air Traffic Controller Alice: Was this the most head strong character on the show? She may have been. She’s tough from beginning to end, and when this plane took off no one wanted to admit anything was wrong. This flight doesn’t make it past Hungary without her. And when it was over she went right back to work and back to being a mom.

Foreign Minister Louise: While many of the bureaucrats were inept for much of the story (more on that HERE) during the finale, with the plane rapidly approaching London, everyone in the room froze instead of Louise deciding to be liable for the death of thousands if Sam couldn’t take back the plane.

An incredible job by everyone on this cast. Just excellent television.

Did you have any heroes you want recognize? Let me know in the comments below!

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