Captain Fall: Episode seven features a “Good Luck Cultural Exchange”

Episode 7 of the first season of Captain Fall actually illustrates Jonathan catching something of a stride with the Caribbean Queen, as he inadvertently facilitates the sale of children soldiers between to violent organizations.

And Jonathan catches momentum from the jump, telling a really stupid story to the rest of his killer crew, as they play along to build his confidence. We then discover that the Caribbean Queen will host a warlord from the Congo named Goodluck and a Chinese mobster named Mr. Hong.

We meet Goodluck rehearsing his sales presentation to his wife, and he’s doing a really lousy job. He pledges that he’ll get better before presenting his pitch to Hong. And it’s Hong who arrives to the ship first and is completely unimpressed with Fall. Goodluck arrives a short time later with his group of young killers, who pass on a magic show that Fall was going to put on while wearing a bunny costume.

AD: Watch Captain Fall as loud as you want!

He does manage to inspire these gambling and smoking youths to join in on a conga line, only to interrupt Goodluck as he fumbles the pitch to Hong. After getting drunk from some spiked punch given to him from the child soldiers, he brings Hong and Goodluck together and everyone ends up bonding, completing the deal with Fall oblivious to what he’s just done.

Back on the mainland we catch up with Steel, who gets dragged on a speed dating outing, where he spots a poster for a singles cruise on the Caribbean Queen. He abandons a seemingly perfect woman because of his obsession with his old case, where he was responsible for a zoo break that killed 179 people, and calls up his old law enforcement buddies as the show ends.

A couple of notes..

Pedro has to take that golden rifle from Fall before he ends up shooting himself.

You should always be familiar with the AV capabilities of the hosting venue before a presentation. Goodluck learned that the hard way. This TV blog takes these kinds of things seriously.

That track everyone is drinking to towards the end sounds really familiar. Maybe an ODB rework?

What did I miss? Let me know in the comments below.

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