This Fool: “Y Tu Depression Tambien” features John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt and Payur Ighters

Episode 8 of the second season of “This Fool” titled “Y Tu Depression Tambien” is a tough car accident to watch. But it’s still a humorous outing of the sharp comedy series, that takes a close look at some of the characters and the depression they’re each going through at this juncture of the series.

We begin in the garage where Luis and Payne are suffering from a heat wave, while Luis mourns his break up with Ruby. We also catch up with Julio’s ex Maggie Tambien (the Spanish word for too or also) as she is dealing with her newlywed husband, Julio Tambien’s, boring existence and snoring.

At Teresa’s house, OG Julio is watching TV with Aurora and is getting annoyed with “Ashley and Jason” a Disney channel teen romance comedy, and starts arguing with Aurora over the actions of the characters. Teresa gets angry with Julio encourages him to get some help for his depression.

After a long search, Julio books an appointment with a therapist but before he can get help, we discover that Julio’s negativity has caused Aurora to turn against “Ashley and Jason” prompting an argument with Teresa that results in a break up. After returning to the garage, we see Luis depression eating a pizza before Julio decides to give his therapist appointment to his hurting cousin.

Maggie and Julio Tambien decide to go and see the family priest for their own troubles, but the priest sides with Julio on all matters and the two remain at odds. After an argument flares up that night over dinner after Maggie calls Julio Tambien’s mom a c***. An enraged Julio fires back and the two get in a food fight before having make up sex. While goofing around we see Julio Tambien hit his head on the ceiling fan, causing him to fall and mangle his fingers. The closing shot of the episode is Maggie comforting her husband in the ambulance.

Some Notes:

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt is the song Julio Tambien is humming at first and later singing with the priest. It is an earworm of a song often recited by children.

Don Emilio’s rooster diagnosed Julio with depression at the beginning of the season.

We see Julio Tambien’s priest with a hand fan, illustrating how far the heat wave goes in Los Angeles.

Some of the credits of the Ashley and Jason show can be translated as “Visonary”, “Money Makers” and “Pay Your Writers”. There is currently a writer’s strike taking place in Hollywood.

“Nice try Sandy” says Julio after scrolling past the former “Hugs not Thugs” therapist on the internet.

We hear Julio Tambien continue the show’s obsession with drinking enough water.

And finally, Julio only allocates five minutes of his calendar for sex.

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