Captain Fall: “Sweet 16” gives us a minor but memorable “Timmy” tale

Episode 8 of the first season of Captain Fall could be remembered for the title character romantically overachieving more than any other TV character we’ve seen this year, or it could be remembered for how ruthless our main villain has become. But it will likely be remembered for Timmy.

We begin by meeting the Popalengov family led by a Russian Oligarch who is trying to give his spoiled daughter the biggest Sweet 16 ever, complete with an airdropped plastic surgeon and an epic party, which will also advance his agenda to become a nuclear power. This will be done by having the crew of the Caribbean Queen pull a briefcase swap during the party for nuclear materials.

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The perpetually oblivious Captain Fall will take an unenthused Liza as a date, Pedro will be outside with a sniper rifle, and Nico will be undercover as a waiter, despite his fascination with the James Bond like operation that makes him want to be a helicopter pilot. Desperate to make this sale, Mr.Tyrant threatens his team with an actual shark tank if they fail.

Well, the operation doesn’t go as smooth as it should because of Timmy, a luggage check guy who is just as innocent as Jonathan and just as dumb. He goofs the hand off resulting in Liza and Nico having to scramble to make the correction at the result of killing two interpol agents and Liza having to make out with Fall. Popalengov is less than satisfied by Tyrant’s team despite the final results, and narcs on them.

We then see Liza, Nico, Pedro,….and Timmy suspended above the shark tank and Tyrant drops Timmy. Sharks ignore Timmy, leading Tyrant to shoot him in the stomach. But he falls in front of the pool and begins squirming making Tyrant’s assistant to push Timmy into the pull with a mop. This mercifully ends the show.

Some details..

We see Popalengov’s wife taking selfies with her daughter at the end of the show, keeping her promise.

While Fall wasn’t the dumbest character on the show this time, with Timmy making a memorable first and final impression, Nico was pretty stupid this time out as well.

Barbie is still very much a thing. Not sure if that was a measured line or not.

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