This Fool: Here are five things we want to see in Season 3

The first two seasons of “This Fool” are now available for streaming on Hulu, and has this blog’s full recommendation. While season 2 is only a week old, the finale leaves things wide open and it’s never too early to talk about season 3.

Here are five things we want to see in season 3 of This Fool:

Bring back the entire gang again: It was great seeing Payne, Percy, Maggie, and a lot of the holdovers from last season, and now the show has more talent to pull from the well including everyone from Guilt Free Coffee, Ruby, Teresa and Aurora, the Englebartons and so on. Yes. Sonny needs to also have a shot for some revenge after getting Julio to commit to the cafe.

Maggie vs. Ruby beef: Maggie and Ruby are both great with Julio and Luis. And that leaves things wide open for some double date beef. That would be some excellent uncomfortable TV.

One episode outside of Los Angeles: Yeah, it cost money. But the roadtrip episode with these guys was a good time. Let’s take them somewhere else. And this could be a great opportunity for…

Mugs not Thugs franchising: The guys have suffered enough with break ups, living in garages, mental health struggles, a rooster, let’s watch this team expand Mugs not Thugs and make some money. The only thing that might be funnier than this crew when they’re broke might be these fools with some money.


The epic callbacks and Easter eggs: The show understands well that a good joke or gimmick can be just as funny a second time if used correctly. Sandy. The music from The Bear. Our poor rookie cop from Clyde vs Clyde. It all hit right.

This team knows what’s funny and I can’t wait until a third season.

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