This Fool: Season 2 finale proves that we’re all works in progress

The season 2 finale of “This Fool” is streaming, and the sophomore campaign concluded with the show giving fans a lot of what they’ve enjoyed, while continuing a trend of remarkably deep character development for a comedy program as wild as this one.

We begin with Julio and Luis both mourning the end of their relationships with Teresa and Ruby respectively, and Esperanza and grandma telling them that single moms are whores and that Ruby was ugly (Esperanza was a single mother btw). We follow at the restaurant where Percy tells Luis that he should travel the world as a way of healing himself from heartache.

Next we discover that a rival coffee shop, Guilt Free Coffee, has opened and put flyers on the cars in front of Mugs not Thugs. Payne leads Percy and Julio over to their shop for a confrontation, where we learn each of them has a counter part. Payne’s match is wearing the same clothes. Julio has a clone named Julian, and Chef Worsey makes Scones that sink, and not muffins that float like Percy. They become enemies who pledge to win their turf war.

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Luis goes to see Maggie about traveling with his prior convictions and we learn that Julio’s ex has divorced Julio Tambien (Tambien means too or also). When he returns to the garage, Ruby shows up and the two make up. Julio has a beer with Maggie but the two stay friends for the time being.

Payne then tells Julio that Guilt Free Coffee trashed their cafe, but after a confrontation at the store, we learned that Payne himself did it. Even going as far as pooping on their floor. He apologizes and says he’s going to New York to catch up with his son. As the season closes we see the cafe thriving from the attention, Julio returning to Sandy for therapy, and Luis heading to Cambodia on Ruby’s advice.

Some season finale notes:

This was the second season Payne has put an endeavor of his at risk. “Hugs not Thugs” couldn’t be saved because of a sexual favor he didn’t fulfill last season.

This was also the second season he was kicked in the groin.

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