Captain Fall: Episode nine gives us a rotten “Family Reunion”

One of the first things Captain Fall underlines for us is how rotten his family is. In the first episode, they trap him up in a tree house during parties, while sending all of their attention towards their older sexual predator of a son in Tanner. Episode 9 has us spending more time with this family, while we also learn more about Liza feels about Fall.

Heading out on vacation, Liza decides to head home to meet her Captain and fake boyfriend’s family up close. Beforehand, she makes a pit stop at the Popalengov estate in Monaco, where we learn that she killed the Russian Oligarch that turned her team into Mr. Tyrant after their successful mission, by ramming that nuclear rod inside of him.

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When Liza and Jonathan get home, they’re greeted by Jonathan’s parents and a still unemployed Tanner, who all refuse to believe that Liza is his girlfriend. After an uncomfortable lunch, the parents drag Jonathan to their Captain’s Club where they use his Caribbean Queen credentials to renew their own membership. The main purpose of inviting him back home.

While they’re away Tanner harasses Liza, leading the super spy to lock him in the garage and threaten to dismember him if he doesn’t treat his brother better. When everyone gets back to the house, Tanner spends time with Jonathan, while Liza learns that her Captain’s parents never had any intention of loving him since he was born.

That night, Pedro calls Liza to tell her that Mr. Tyrant has ended everyone’s vacation early, and vents about their whole criminal operation. We see Tanner in the tree house trying to listen in but he’s too drunk and appears to pass out before realizing what’s going on. Liza then tells Jonathan that they should head back to his “real” family immediately.

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