Captain Fall: Five things we want to see in season 2

All episodes of Captain Fall are now streaming on Netflix, and while the series is only a week old, you’re here because your interested in what a potential season 2 would look like, and you’re not alone.

Let’s not waste anymore time, here are five things FTR would like to see in the second season of Captain Fall on Netflix..

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The Liza backstory: Captain Fall proved a couple of times this season that it doesn’t need its title character to tell a funny story. Let’s do a Liza episode. Where did she come from? Who trained her? How did she get mixed up with Mr. Tyrant?

More Mr. Tyrant: Anthony Carrigan (Barry) gets nominated for Emmys for a reason. When given just a couple of minutes he got some pretty solid laughs. There is a lot of mystery with Tyrant and Bon Jovi as well. Let’s go deeper.

More Pedro self rationalization and more Nico tangents: The rest of the crew of the Caribbean Queen were also pretty funny. Two points I enjoyed was Pedro self rationalizing or just plain lying to himself or his colleagues that their activities were okay (triple homicides happen in Brazil all the time). That happens more in real life than one might think. I also like Nico’s random lines in the last few eps. He might not be that much smarter than Fall when you think about it.

Return of the child soldiers: They were my favorite guests on the ship this season and they didn’t even say a word. They just want to smoke, fire weapons, and do the conga.

A rival love interest for Captain Fall: Maybe its another dork on a trip. Maybe its an asset for another terrorist organization. But a confident Captain Fall is a funny Captain Fall.

Bring on season 2!

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