Captain Fall: Season one finale gives us “Your worst nightmare”

Captain Fall ends its first season after 10 episodes, with a finale that gives us an anticipated showdown, even if both of the participants aren’t really sure what’s going on around them.

We began with disgraced Agent Steel traveling to the desert to meet his contact, Becker, who at first appears to be a James Bond Q quality contact, but turns out to just be a demented old man fascinated with car phones and mops. Steel remains determined to infiltrate the Caribbean Queen during their singles cruise and bring down the entire operation.

And we catch up to the Caribbean Queen, who is preparing to host a singles cruise full of beautiful people, that is really just a human trafficking front for a Middle Eastern harem builder. While Pedro and Nico prepare for a cruise full of sex, Fall is still under the impression that Liza is his girlfriend and declares it in front of everyone on the ship before a “Lady and the Tramp” dinner under the stars.

Later in the cruise, the crew gathers all of the singles into a mandatory foam party full of knockout agent that renders everyone unconscious including Fall. The human trafficking contact arrives in a boat, picks out his new wife and departs, but not before Steel can get pictures of the entire exchange.

After everyone is woken up at the party, Fall stumbles out on the deck where he runs into a fleeing Steel, who declares himself the “worst nightmare” of the Caribbean Queen and jumps off the ship with Fall’s dossier of incriminating photos as the credits start to pop.

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