Special Ops Lioness: Episode 4 brings us expected consequences and unexpected pregnancies

Episode four of Special Ops: Lioness has our plot coming to a nice boil, as we learn what is the aftermath of that exciting extraction in Texas last week, while being completely blindsided by a pregnancy, and observing a tactical set back for an important character.

We did begin in the Hamptons where we catch up with Cruz and Alliyah, as the Lioness QRF keeps careful surveillance on them after a last second trip from last week. The two continue bonding as we learn more about the big wedding that will be taking place in Dubai.

In D.C, Kaitlyn and Westfield bring in Kyle to talk about the unauthorized extraction that we learned resulted in seven deaths, and the entire team being captured on cameras. Kyle manages to keep himself out of jail when he offers five Al Qaeda operatives from his work. This doesn’t satisfy Kaitlyn, who demands to visit Joe on site in the Hamptons to let her know what’s going on.

Back at home we observe Kate get in a bad car accident after her friends were texting and driving. While prepping her for surgery, Neal, who was performing surgery himself at the time of the wreck, discovers she is pregnant and the two discuss how the next medical procedure will terminate her pregnancy.

Back in the Hamptons, Cruz and Alliyah head to a club with their friends. Joe and her team follows and she determines she’s the only one who can enter the club without causing suspicion. We see her turn down a man in a pale blue shirt before getting the call from Neal and finding out about Kate. They acknowledge their parenting failures while the man in the pale blue shirt slips Cruz a date rape drug and drags her away, while a brawl breaks out in the club.

Joe and the Lioness team rescues Cruz, and Kaitlyn questions whether Cruz is cut out for the operation. As the episode ends, we watch Joe head home to see her daughter as Kaitlyn tells her that her Lioness team has been linked to the extraction.

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Some notes and observations..

It was good to see Zoe Saldana get in on some of the action. She’s mostly been in the background up to this point. Show runners may be saving it for a special occasion, but sending Joe out there to perform gives her currency when she has to be the tough leader on the outside.

That being said, Cruz should have seen this date rapist coming. If we’re being honest I was expecting a proud moment to come from Joe after watching Cruz send him away a second time. It never came and it now has to give us all serious concerns about Cruz’s potential. Real talk. Always have eyes on your drink. This stuff happens in real life.

It was also great to see more Nicole Kidman this week. Just another sign we’re giving the stars enough to do.

The Kate pregnancy was a big “Oh….” moment. Showrunners have used her to give Joe and the audience some real gut punches. She’s only 14. At the very least Joe and Neal are owning up to it. Those rules from the last episode were stupid.

What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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