The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart: Episode 3 gives us breakthroughs, little brothers and a lot more questions

We got a lot of activity and story movement in episode 3 of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart. Let’s not waste any time.

Sally and John Morgan kicks us off with their marriage in jeopardy while we listen to why Sally kept the information from her husband over the true identity of Gemma’s dad, who is Clem, also Alice’s dad. It happened before the two were together and Sally believes Alice is her family. John replies “She your family” before announcing he’ll be moving out.

At Thornfield, June must apologize to Alice after she discovers that Agnes was indeed a guest at the refuge. We later learned that she fell in love with Clem, but left with him after he was infuriated that June would only leave the refuge to another woman in the family. Later, Candy reveals that Clem’s dad (her granddad) was know as the “Robber Baron” who was believed to be a community “Robin Hood” figure. And that she shares a scar with the Clem because “they were stupid kids”. During a flashback we later learn that Candy and Clem were close and he deliberately cut their palms to bond.

Sally continues her efforts to speak to Alice by tailing Candy back to Thornfield. A frustrated June finally decides to take her to Alice together, where she’s rejected by a frightened Alice. We next see Sally making a tearful apology to John and the two agree to stay together and try to become parents again.

We then meet Dina, a new Flower who arrives with her baby. She makes friends with Alice and the two take turns learning to drive with June before we discover that she decided to return to her abusive relationship for the sake of her baby. A saddened Alice runs away and then screams while having visions of Agnes returning from the surf.

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A talking Alice is able to enjoy her birthday by communicating with the other flowers, before June takes a phone call to discover that Alice’s younger brother, who was believed to be facing long odds to survival, is now expected to live. We observe Alice carving her name into a tree with Augie before, June begins to visualize a little boy and makes a phone call to John Morgan when the show abruptly ends.

That was a lot. Any questions or theories? Let me know in the comments below..

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