Kim vs. Kanye The Divorce: Docuseries kicks off with Kanye’s Story of mental health troubles

The HBO Docuseries Kim vs. Kanye: The Divorce, arrived this week looking to spotlight one of the most highest profile celebrity divorces in history, from the perspectives of the attorneys, journalists, and others close to the former power couple.

Episode one, titled “Kanye’s Story” begins with a broad read of where the case stands during filming, with Kanye’s legal team trying to reach a settlement before going to trial in what at one point is being called a “race against time”.

We do backtrack to the rise of Kanye West, son to an English professor mother and a father who was a photographer for the Black Panthers. We see his awkward hustle in the early days before the release of College Dropout, shooting him into hip hop stardom and heights that he would never come down from.

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Some of the confessionals argue that being with Kim Kardashian was perhaps one of the worst things for Kanye, who appreciated creativity over fame only to marry a personality who’s popularity fuels a family empire.

We then slowly start to observe the collapse of the marriage with Kanye’s presidential campaign and increasingly skittish behavior, which leads to a separation. Kardashian aggravates that separation with a joke aimed at her husband’s personality on Saturday Night Live, before she starts dating former SNL star Pete Davidson, sparking a social media feud between ye’ and skete.

Kim vs. Kanye then begin’s to highlight the most bizarre behavior of the latter, who began going on social media tirades and donning a mask, before issuing anti Semitic remarks which loses him major sponsors and also promps one of his own attorneys to quit before the start of his trial.

As episode one of Kim vs. Kanye: The Divorce ends, we see him sitting on the side of the street and being described as “utterly alone and adrift”.

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