Kim vs. Kanye The Divorce: “Kim’s Story” labels Kanye as an “Emotional Terrorist”

While the first episode of Kim vs. Kanye: The Divorce told the story from more of the perspective of the Chicago raised, hip hop mogul’s point of view, which mostly told his tale as a man heartbroken by the loss of his mother and his struggle with mental health issues, part two of the story is told by allies closer to Kim Kardashian who paint a much more nefarious picture of Kanye West this time out.

Like Kanye’s Story, we get a refresher on Kim’s earlier life and rise to fame, from being the daughter of OJ Simpson attorney, Robert Kardashian, to the best friend and stylist of Paris Hilton, we’re taken to when Kim and Kanye started spending time together in 2012 and eventually their storybook engagement night where West rented out an entire baseball stadium for the occasion. We’re then taken to their wedding when we notice the cracks in the relationship starting to form.

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The confessionals tell us that Kanye became more controlling as the relationship progressed and their family grew. We’re told about tantrums that West would have during disagreements and finally public episodes that would lead to Kim filing for divorce.

We learn more about West’s behavior, many running parallel to his story but in a much more negative light. After Kardashian started dating Saturday Night Live Star Pete Davidson, advocates for Kardashian said they were worried about fanatical fans taking Kanye’s threats into their own hands, and accuse him of running a “campaign of terror” against his estranged and soon to be former wife.

The episode and the series does end on a hopeful note. Ultimately, a settlement is reached which resulted in joint custody of the children and neither of the two losing much of their respective assets. As the we reach towards the credits, Kardashian is credited as being a good mom who was responsible for her family building an empire.

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