Only Murders In The Building: A funeral in overflow 3 and Chinook Rising

The second episode of the third season of “Only Murders In The Building” begins in an unlikely place, following the onstage death of Ben Glenroy, followed by the resurrection of Ben Glenroy, which preceded a second and more certain death of Ben Glenroy in the season premiere.

Which is why Ben’s voiceover to kick things off as he’s falling down the elevator shaft of the Arconia is indeed unlikely. Yet here we are as everyone prepares to head out to his funeral.

We get an understanding of how tough it was working with Ben during the production of “Death Rattle”. In flashbacks he argues over his lines with Oliver, and gets frustrated with Charles after getting paid a compliment. This of course is after he called for the termination of Loretta Durkin after the first table read. He certainly had no shortage of enemies.

Back at Mabel’s, she begins having a hallucination of a conversation with Ben’s “Girl Cop” character, which later we learned was a pleasant memory involving her mother. Ben’s ghost assures her that she’ll get her life together.

AD: Who remembers Gut Milk???

While real Ben had a lot of enemies he also had what appeared to be a lot of friends. So much so that when Oliver, Charles, and Mabel go to his funeral, they’re stuck in overflow three, quite a distance away from the live event. At the funeral we met Greg, who identifies himself as Ben’s security, and Mabel and Charles head to his apartment to see what he knows.

When they arrive they find Greg to be a fanatic, with photoshopped pictures and an extraordinary amount of memorabilia from Ben’s films. As they attempt to leave, Greg knocks them both unconscious and traps them in his basement. He tries to get a murder confession from them, which surprises Mabel and Charles because they realize he’s not the killer, but before they can go further they’re rescued by the police.

Back at the funeral, Oliver talks to a theater critic named Maxine, who told him she was going to pan “Death Rattle” in her review. Oliver takes the news harshly, collapsing after what we learn later was a minor heart attack. He’s advised by his doctor and son to reduce his stress and is given a heart monitor. While napping he has a musical dream of his son, Charles, and Mabel telling him to slow down.

When the three are reunited, Mabel deduces from a handkerchief that she got from Greg that the real killer must be a part of Oliver’s play. In response, instead of telling Charles and Mabel about his dream, he tells them that he’s going to make Death Rattle a musical..

Some notes…

The memorabilia in Ben’s apartment is a play on some real films.

The Chinook Rising poster looks like Black Hawk Down.

Ant Family Vacation ties into Paul Rudd’s Ant Man franchise.

Labrador Receiver sounds like the Air Bud series from the 90s.

What did you see? Let me know in the comments below.

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