Only Murders In The Building: Loretta and “CoBro” got beef in the season 3 premiere

The season 3 premiere of “Only Murders In The Building” picks where the season 2 finale cliffhanger left us. With the death of “Death Rattle” star Ben Glenroy (Paul Rudd) during the opening of Oliver’s return to Broadway on opening night.

We open on a flashback to Broadway in 1962, where we see a young girl observing and falling in love with the theater before moving into a montage of the girl growing up and studying acting, while going to casting after casting trying to find her big break. A moment defined by a Charles’ voice over as “Where have you been?”.

When the montage clears we observe Oliver during casting where a last second auditioning actor has dropped in and we meet Loretta Durkin. Believed to be the young woman in the montage, she aces her audition as the nanny in “Deathrattle” and Oliver asks her “Where have you been?” as the show cuts to the opening credits.

We catch up with Oliver, Charles and Mabel in the lobby, trying to absorb everything that has just happened. Oliver decides to move forward with the opening night after party despite the death of his star, as the rest of the country discovers the news of what just happened.

The show then drops back four months to the first table read for the play, where an over the top Glenroy makes a loud entrance before settling in. We also meet his documentarian Tobert (Jesse Williams) before the casts begins reciting lines. During the read Loretta tries different accents, disrupting the process and leading to Glenroy urging Oliver to fire her before the production gets too deep.

At the premiere party, the mood is uncomfortable and we hear Charles confess that he’s actually relieved that he won’t have to go through with the play because he didn’t get along with Glenroy. Moments later we see a very much alive Ben Glenroy burst through the door. We discover that he was indeed dead for a long period of time but woke up. He then receives a phone call and has to retire upstairs.

After the party, Mabel asks Oliver and Charles out to the diner and on her way to the elevators announces that her apartment has been sold and she’ll have to move out of The Arconia. The trio decides to take an elevator that was “out of order” before arriving that evening and on the ride down, we see blood begin to drip on to Charles. This is moments before the body of Ben Glenroy lands on the floor where he once again appears to be deceased as the episode comes to an end.

Notable: Ben Glenroy is CoBro in his movies, a guy who turns into a large snake and helps the police solve crimes. Paul Rudd is of course, Ant Man, a guy who can shrink into the size of an and and fights crime.

Notable: We watch Meryl Streep, widely considered one of the greatest actors of all time, struggling during a table read, specifically accents, which she has done before many times.

What did you pick up? Let me know in the comments!

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