The Bachelorette: Xavier was a quality assurance fail for Charity and the viewers.

This week was overnights on Charity Lawson’s season of The Bachelorette, and we saw Xavier get sent home after admitting he had been unfaithful in previous relationships, and refusing to pledge his heart and mind to being loyal to Charity.

Charity rightfully sent the cross stitching cheater home.

But there were signals. And these signals were ignored for one of two reasons. Let me type these out for you and tell me what you think.

The field for Charity’s season was just that weak: Let’s face it. Charity wasn’t exactly working with an all star field here. It’s pretty much been Joey and Duton and then a wide romance gap…. Where we reach Aaron B, Brayden (the season villain), and some other notables..

Like our boy, Tanner, who almost made it to hometowns with no one on one dates and minimal face time with Charity.

And Warwick, a grown man, who got a sugar rush at the fair and fell asleep during the date.

And finally, Xavier. A man who got a free vacation to Fiji by simply omitting the fact that he runs around.

Or the other reason..

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We need to discuss fidelity earlier in the season: If you or I start seeing someone and we’re thinking about marrying that person, there is an excellent chance that we’re going to ask them about past relationships, and if they’ve cheated or ever been cheated on. Other Bachelors and Bachelorettes have done this sooner on the show. Charity didn’t despite some shady answers from Xavier throughout the season. Maybe she didn’t want to discuss it. Maybe it was the hand of the showrunners. We don’t know.

But we’ll all be watching until the end anyways. See you next week!


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