Moving: Episode one of High School Superhero drama hints at government conspiracy

“Moving” premiered on Hulu this week, and the Korean High School Superhero drama, gave us a roll out of some early important characters, a super powered brawl, and a last scene twist to ensure we’ll be back for more.

We begin with a point of view perspective of someone falling from space, this leads to Bongseok waking up from what he says is a recurring dream. He remains in bed listening to his mom Mihyun prepare breakfast before she starts loading him up with weight and zipping him out the door.

Next we meet Huisoo, who is also preparing for school while her dad opens up his restaurant. Strapped for cash she volunteers to wear an old uniform to her new school and we see her run off. She arrives at the bus stop but doesn’t have enough to pay the fare. A clearly smitten Bongseok pays the fare for her and the two share some small talk. Bongseok still crushing on her slowly starts to raise off the ground. He begins reciting numbers and is able to calm himself back down to the ground. Huisoo is able to make it through the school gate in time. Bongseok doesn’t have as much luck and is told by the homeroom teacher, Ihlwan, that he’ll have to wash toliets.

Raehyuk is the next character introduced who speeds up to the campus and is greeted by every student in the hallway. He commands Ilhwan and Sungkook, the PE teacher to have a “look” without going furteher into details. They reply that they can’t because of “security”. The authority figure then leaves and says he’ll have a look at them after graduation.

We then go to the classroom where class president, Ganghoon, is collecting everyone’s phones and we see Bongseok chugging water to keep himself grounded. Huisoo is being told during a counseling session with Ihlwan that she could make it to college if she focuses on athletics. When she arrives to class, Bongseok begins floating again and has to remain clenched to his desk for the remainder of class. While he’s waiting for his effects to wear off, Ganghoon takes Huisoo to the gym for training. He asks Ihlwan if she has abilities like him and confirms she does. We later learn that Ihlwan says he can get close to her.

Next, we meet a mysterious man who appears to be working for the Supernatural Control Agency. He locates his target and confronts him at his business. The mystery man declares that his superhero mark must be “deleted” and the two get in a brawl before the mystery man throws him out of the window and moves on.

We’re then taken to a government agency that is observing these activities and they pledge to erase proof of the fight from social media. But before that happens, Mihyun notices the traffic and surmises that it might be a coordinated effort and someone could be coming for Bongseok. We watch her arm herself as the premiere ends.

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below! (Foreign language names are always tricky on with closed captioning. That will get polished as the show proceeds)

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