Moving: We learn about our mother and son’s past, plus our second super powered showdown in episode 2

In the second episode of “Moving” we get a closer look at the mother and son bond between Mihyun and Bongseok, and how it formed over the years from his early childhood to his teen years.

We begin with a flashback to 2003, when Bongseok is only a few years old. His mother is carrying him cross country while wearing the same weights we observe him wearing in episode one. They stop at a restaurant for something to eat, before he becomes happy while eating and begins to float. She tells him that she’s tired and begins crying. After hustling a large space from a greedy landlord, and getting some advice from a friendly butcher, Mihyun starts training her son to remain grounded. After a brief flash forward to puberty, we get a full story involving an elementary school aged Bongseok showing off his powers on the playground (with a younger Raehyuk secretly looking on), resulting in another kid attempting to fly and getting hurt. After a tough talking to, we see him almost fly off completely before Mihyun is able to grab him on the roof of the restaurant they still call a home today.

Back in the present, we catch up to Bongseok on his way to school when he spots Huisoo sprinting past the bus with her apparent supernatural speed. The two end up crashing at the opening gate, with both missing the start of school and getting detention. During class Huisoo asks Ganghoon if she smells and he actually replies yes. As she makes her way to the showers, the class bully, Kisoo tries to sneak in before Ganghoon stops him. The two decide to fight, giving us a first look at Ganghoon’s abilities as he beats Kisoo quickly and badly.

Next we catch up to the Mystery Man, who is called Frank by the captions in this episode (no argument here). He locates the second target he has to delete. A man with control of electricity who questions why everyone is being hunted despite being retired. We don’t get an answer and the two battle fiercely before Frank is able to crush the electric man’s throat with a book.

As the episode comes to an end, the government can’t figure out what’s going with these high profile deaths, but decides to try and ID Frank instead of taking him down. Huisoo and Bongseok go uniform shopping, while Kisoo finally wakes up from his beatdown and Frank considers his next move, muttering Jeongwan school before driving off.

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