Mech Cadets: Episode one gives us an unlikely bond amid oncoming war

Mech Cadets lands on NetFlix this week, and so begins our journey with a group of young pilots and their large mechanical companions as earth prepares for war with gigantic monsters.

We begin with narration regarding the Great Sharg War, when humanity was invaded by these large Godzilla like monsters named Shargs. This prompted these large mechs called Robos to fall from the sky and work with humans by bonding with them, and collaborating to eliminate these monsters.

In the timeline’s present day, we meet Stanford a dirt bike riding risk taker, who mops floors at the Sky Corp Academy, and is headed towards the engineer program despite his lineage and desire to be a Mech Cadet.

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We then observe two Robos fall to earth. In order to decide which cadets they’ll have to choose from to bond with, Sky Corp holds a tournaments among their group. Stanford tries to sneak into the group but is spotted by Olivia Park, the entitled head of the class who also happens to be the general’s daughter. The two get in a struggle and Stanford is escorted out.

During the competition, three frontrunners emerge who include Olivia and two of her classmates Maya, and Frank. After cheating during the competition, she falls out of favor with the Robos who choose to bond with Maya, who calls her Robo “Big Red” and Frank, who has a cybernetic leg, and decides to call his Robo “Thunder Wrecker”.

While out driving in the desert, Stanford sees another object falling from the sky. When he goes in for a closer look, he discovers that its another Robo. But before the two can get to communication, a Sharg attacks them, and Stanford uses his dirtbag to rescue his Robo, inspiring it to bond with him. He names the Robo “Buddy” as our first episode comes to an end.

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