Painkiller: Yes, there was a Tomb Raider phone number you could call for help

While Painkiller, the story of the development of the Oxycontin and its role in the opioid crisis will be garnering plenty of headlines for it’s subject matter and acting performances, there is a scene that will have many Generation X gamers and specifically Tomb Raider fans looking for answers. It’s probably what brought you here.

The Eidos Interactive Helpline. A number that you could call for help navigating Lara Craft through death, and also get guidance for other games such as Final Fantasy and Thief.

During Painkiller, we see Edi Flowers, the hard charging government agent playing a Tomb Raider game in the late 90s. As that franchise tends to go, she gets killed a lot and has to pick up a phone and actually call someone for help. We hear a voice trying to instruct her on what to do, and she quickly hangs up afterwards.

While anyone can go to YouTube and find a walk through on their favorite games now, back in the day, it was an arm of business for both the developers and video game publications. We got full color game guides on bookstore shelves that could go for anywhere between $10-$25 and even video game lines like the one we called used to charge a by minute fee. Probably why Edi hangs up so quick.

There were other ways of passing tough video game levels. You could have a skilled friend or older sibling help you, or you could do it my way. Sheer stubbornness and hard core trial and error, that would either result in a raucous celebration or a smashed video game controller.

The art of this post was found on Reddit by user RoyalFalse.

What did you think of the scene. Did it bring back any memories? Let me know in the comments below.

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