Praise Petey: Episode 8 brings us the Swamp Gas Purge

Praise Petey returned this week with some new shows, and episode 8 of the first season gives us a concept we’ve seen before with a highs stakes ice cream monopoly at play.

We begin with Petey, who is unhappy with New Utopia’s ice cream selection, which currently has an exclusivity contract with Drippy Drips, a purposely fast melting ice cream company. As she considers options for diversifying, Bandit barges in the door and announces he’s running for office against incumbent Mayor pancakes, a golden retriever. He announces that he’s going to take Petey down and departs. This happens moments before we meet Durrel. A mysterious figure who offers to release the swamp gas pent up on New Utopia as he did with Petey’s father.

Petey agrees, unaware that once the swamp gas is released it floats over the entire town making everyone act without inhibitions. This happens on election day and right before Petey’s big meeting with Don Drippy the ice cream CEO. As the town falls into its sexually propelled version of the purge, Petey doesn’t have much luck with Don Drippy, and decides to take him deep into the swamp where the higher dosage of gas finally convinces him to submit to his “dad crush” on Petey and give away his rights.

Back in town, Polly, Bandit’s girlfriend who looks exactly like Petey, pushes him into a debate with the Mr. Pancakes and encourages him to embrace the gas, causing him to seemingly win over the town and take the election off of the strength of his mom who voted for him as a prank.

After returning to town, Don Drippy tells May May about the new deal, which unknown to Petey also forfeits funding for the highly anticipated “Comet Terminal” to May May’s disappointment. She says she intends to try to reverse the deal at a later date. Back in the swamp Durrel and one of the wives say their good byes and Durrel turns into a gator and jumps in the water to close the episode.

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