Mech Cadets: Episode four gives us some really strong “Aliens” vibes

Episode four of the first season of Mech Cadets is something like a throwback to the “Aliens” franchise with the story playing out more like a futuristic horror movie than a sci-fi action adventure.

We begin with Stanford’s mom, Dolly, making her rounds and cleaning. She encounters what she believes to be some kind of pest and heads into the lab, where she finds the hatched Sharg eggs. Right when she appears close to picking one up, Park catches up to her and the pair tries to determine exactly what happened.


Ava is in the bay trying to make repairs to Big Red after the accident from the last episode involving Maya. She asks the Hero Force crew for help, but Clark and his cronies refuse. Chief Max catches up to her and equips her with a laser that looks like an Aliens weapon. She catches up to Park and Dolly who have decided to incinerate the unhatched Sharg eggs remaining in the lab.


As Stanford, Maya, and Olivia unwind in their room, a Sharg bursts in and begins attacking. We see Frank unload his cybernetic leg and dispatch of the Sharg but is knocked unconscious in the process. We got another well animated flashback scene of Frank agreeing to wear the leg before he wakes up. Unfortunately so does the Sharg but he takes it down a second time with Maya’s help.

Chief Max locks down the campus, but the Sharg eggs hatch before Dolly and Park can destroy them. This puts Stanford in a position of choosing between his mother or potentially humanity. He chooses saving the pair, which allows the Shargs to run loose. Stanford activates Buddy and kills one, but the remaining Sharg escapes Sky Corp headquarters. In the closing scene we watch Park punish Stanford by kicking him out of the program.

Ava was basically Ellen Ripley in this episode complete with the jumpsuit and weapons. We also saw the eggs and Sharg move like the classic Xenomorphs.

What do you think? Did you get an Aliens vibe?

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