Mech Cadets: Episode 5 introduces Adam Williams and “Bro Dawg”

Episode 5 of Mech Cadets, or “Ghosts” continues expanding the role of almost every character on the show while introducing news ones and introducing interesting possibilities.

We begin with Stanford taking the long walk home after being dismissed by General Park for allowing a stray sharg to escape Sky Corp despite saving the general’s life. When he arrives home, he’s reassured by his mother Dolly (Ming Na Wen) of the potential he has.

Back at Sky Corp, Chief Max is healing from the Sharg attack and charges Ava with looking out for the Robos in her absence, which is timely because the incompetent Hero Force techs were preparing to wipe Buddy’s memory of Stanford for a potential fit for a new cadet.

And that cadet is Adam Williams, who promptly renames Buddy, “Bro Dawg”.

Meanwhile Tanaka and Maya go hunting for the stray sharg. The sharg has grown since the last time we saw it and manages to slow down Tanaka, leaving Maya as it’s only obstacle before reaching a defense tower. Maya is up to the task and sets up a recovering Tanaka for a lethal blow.

On base, Adam Williams gives Frank advice for his upcoming date with Maya before getting called to be fitted with Bro Dawg, instead Ava allows Buddy to reject Adam and fly to Buddy where the two are reunited. Later, General Park decides to start shifting all of Sky Corp’s resources to the Hero Force program, when Ava follows the HF crew to a hangar she’s confronted by Olivia as the show comes to an end.

Some notes..

Adam William’s montage as he heads towards Buddy had some serious Top Gun energy. And did anyone else want to hear his dating advice? And if we’re being completely honest, I would have named my Robo “Bro Dawg” too.

General Park has been making some serious heel decisions. When are we going to see him come to his senses?

What did you see? Let me know in the comments below!

ALSO the last episode of Mech Cadets had some serious “Aliens” vibes. Check that out HERE.

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