Orlando International Airport is preparing to raise parking prices while still not supporting workers

The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority is at it again. This time they’re going after our wallets by preparing to raise parking prices at MCO.

Here are some of the revised prices according to the news story you can read HERE

Garages A, B and C — $24 (up from $19)
Valet — $35 (up from $25)
Surface lots — $20
Economy lots — $14 (up from $10)
Reserved parking — $32

This from a board which has had serious ethical problems in the past (stories HERE and HERE) and can’t even keep their Burger King from catching fire (story HERE).

Now, they could have leveraged relationships with some of our many tourism giants who make billions from this airport to chip in, and for once be responsible community partners, but they didn’t do that.

Instead they want more of your money.

Nevermind that we still have MCO workers that have to cram into a bus to work at this airport for a wage that doesn’t even pay their rent (story HERE).

When will they see the benefits of these revenue increases?

Allies of the airport will tout the new Terminal C for hikes. A palatial addition to the facility.

Only, they decided not to put walkways in the terminal forcing passengers to walk long distances. They now have to throw those in there as well. We’ve even got former legal counsel questioning if they know what to do with the space (story HERE).

And all of this is for a funnel of tourism revenue that does nothing for you or me.

It’s the airport, the theme parks, chain restaurants, I Drive, and back to the airport.

All for hotel tax revenue we don’t even decide how we’re going to spend.

But GOAA can decide if we pay more to get them more money. That’s all they care about.

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