Painkiller: Episode five or giant Oxycontin Pills doing the Macarena

Episode 5 of “Painkiller”, the Netflix miniseries revolving around Perdue Pharma and the Oxycontin crisis, gives us multiple characters at the heart of the plot hitting rock bottom just when we thought that there might finally be some justice being reached for the victims.

The program begins in 1950s New York with a young Richard Sackler and his dad visiting Uncle Arthur. Richard’s dad brings his brother lavish gifts from Tiffany’s but Arthur rejects them and slams his brother for the offerings, and missing the true definition of wealth and legacy.

Back in the present, Brownlee and Edi subpoena Perdue for all of their documents to prove they knew how dangerous Oxy was before it hit the market and thus beginning a probe of millions of documents. On the Oxy kitten beat, we see Molly begin to become successful under Shannon as she was under Britt. And Glen the mechanic is rejected once again by Lilly and pawns his stuff for Oxy only to get robbed before getting the pills.

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Investigators finally get their sit down at Perdue but their met only by Udell, their chief legal counsel while Richard plays with his dog in the lobby. Richard wanders over to Edi leading us to believe there might be a confrontation but Edi only pays him a fake compliment for becoming wealthy. While the sit results in a stalemate, Richard’s secretary, Debra, becomes frustrated with the Sacklers and decides to testify. Unfortunately, her own Oxy habit gets the better of her and she gets tied up trying to acquire the drug instead of testifying against those responsible for it.

The story splits into a fork with Glen trying to earn forgiveness from Ty, before attempting to detox in his empty auto shop naked with only a case of sports drinks. We see him staring in the mirror after contorting on the floor when we leave him.

In Miami, Purdue throws a big Oxycontin bash with dancing pills, cheerleaders, and confetti. We discover that Perdue hired the Maine attorney responsible for the first complaints and we see Shannon buckle to the pressure from Britt and finally taking Oxy herself before she collapses in the pool and has to be rescued.

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