Painkiller: Miniseries Finale holds up philosophy that “Good guys don’t win”

Episode 6 of “Painkiller”, the Netflix miniseries revolving around Purdue Pharma and their distribution of Oxycontin during the ongoing opioid crisis is the finale. And yields mixed emotional results as far as tying up the various points of its plot.

We begin with Shannon heading into a diner and meeting Edi, handing over all of the evidence she has that Perdue knew the kind of damage that Oxycontin was doing to its patients. The government decides to prosecute the top lieutenants of Perdue’s ranks and is determined to take them to trial.

After turning over the documents we watch Britt go to Shannon’s apartment and begin hitting her. That was the last we’d see of her mentor, and Shannon is mostly a spectator for the rest of the episode.

The Sackler’s begin to panic and Arthur’s ghost begins to question Richard’s handling of the lawsuit. We do see Arthur try to hype his nephew up in the face of what he’s calling a war.

We see Glen a month sober and partially reunited with his family as he recovers. Sadly, his ending is a tragic one as we observe him finding oxy while checking in on his neighbors. While picking up dinner he passes out in his truck and is non responsive as we see Lily and his daughter eating dinner alone.

When everyone’s day in court finally arrives we learn that Rudy Giuliani (yes, that Giuliani) who is a member of Perdue Pharma’s legal team, called in a favor to the White House and forced a meaningless settlement that allows Perdue to keep selling the drug en route to record profits. “Good guys don’t win” we hear Edi say.

The series does try to end on a positive note. After she wraps up her deposition, we see Edi go home to her brother after an apparent reconciliation and the ghost of Arthur mentally beats Richard forcing him to reflect as the credits begin. We see the Sackler name literally crumble to close.

“Painkiller” does remind us that their still worth $11 Billion dollars.

Let’s give out some flowers.

A lot of people will be talking about Uzo Aduba and Matthew Broderick, and deservingly so, but can we give it up for Clark Gregg. Many of us know him as Phil Coulson from Marvel, but he was a stellar villain here.

Tim Riggins is still out here doing it. Taylor Kitsch played Glenn and made us feel for him.

Dina Shihabi and West Duchovny (David and Tea Leoni’s kid) as Britt and Shannon were excellent. Britt may have been the biggest screen menace of the entire series.

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