Mask Girl: Here is who the guy at the ending of episode one was

Mask Girl drops on Netflix this week, and episode one is a fun and fast paced moving affair with an ending that tends to unfold rather quickly. If you’re like me, then it’s possible you had to rewind it a time or two to see what happened.

And more specifically, who is the guy Kim Mo-Mi is chatting with in her suspended chat room.

Our main protagonist is rattled after the altercation on the train leads to a scuffle in a police station. She comes home embarrassed that her identity might be compromised and begins to chat with “Once Upon A Prince” when on the other side of the chat, we see a middle aged guy wearing glasses.

Don’t remember him?

The man she is chatting with is the guy from the elevator scene at her work. While she’s waiting for the elevator a nervous man in glasses walks next to her to wait for the lift and stammers before they both jump in.

This also makes sense when you consider who might be sending her the threatening emails.

If you’re not paying really close enough attention it’s easy to get confused.

It’s also a different direction than other shows might take. The easier route would have been for it to be someone like Mr. Park, or the guy that grabbed her on the train.

Some other notes about episode one..

You might have also missed the bathroom scene where everyone is brushing their teeth and talking trash about A-Reum. They gossip about her affair with Mr. Park when she’s standing right next to the line of co workers.

It’s also really easy to lose perspective that this is taking place in 2009. This explains the dated technology and fashions.

Hopefully, you’re enjoying the show.

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