Mech Cadets: Episode 8 tells us the truth about the huge Sharg Ship

The eight episode of the first season of Mech Cadets is an action filled one that pays off with a big revelation and an exciting cliffhanger.

We begin with Olivia speeding off in Hero Force One towards the sharg ship. She heads towards space in the untested mech and despite some strain and a temporary loss of communication, she makes it to the large mass and begins her scan.

Back on the earth, the Robos guard Sky Corp, while Ava and Stanford go and repair the Global Defense Tower that provides a force field for the earth. Meanwhile, Frank laments not being able to do more to protect Tanaka and Tambo after they’re last battle.


In space, Olivia reestablishes comms with her dad, General Park on the ground, when we discover that the Sharg ship is not a Sharg Ship.

But an actual Sharg with multiple eyes.

And it begins spitting eggs towards the earth surface with no force field. Olivia attempts to stop it but the eggs attach themselves to her mech and begin draining her power. Ava repairs the force field while the other Robos are able to save Olivia just in time before the eggs make it through.

Back on the earth Tanaka takes Park to task for the what’s happened and another failed attempt by Adam Williams and Hero Force to save the day. The two fight and Tanaka appears to be resigning as we leave them.


In the sky, the Robos regroup but the celebration doesn’t last long as the Sharg destroys the global defense satellite and shoots its eggs to earth as the episode ends.


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