Mech Cadets: Episode 9 or the Redemption of Adam Williams

Episode 9 of the first season of Mech Cadets titled “Dark Matter” features an episode that is almost entirely all action, with a rousing cliffhanger setting up the finale.

We begin with the Robos in orbit just after the massive Sharg took the global defense satelite out, leaving the planet vulnerable to its eggs falling towards the surface. Stanford decides that he can fix the satellite but he has to get out of Buddy and fix it by hand, leaving him vulnerable to attack from any stray Shargs. He begins repairs while the rest of his team keeps guard.

Back on the campus Chief Max is able to talk Tanaka into staying after repairing Tombo. As he prepares to help the others, Park approaches him fresh from their fight, asking him to deliver Robo hearts to Olivia for her dying Hero Force Mech. He agrees and takes off, moments before Max and Park discover that a stray Sharg is heading towards the campus.

We learn that Ava was able to repair Hero Force two for one last charge in defense of the campus. With Adam Williams as pilot, the engineers await the charging Sharg and Williams ejects allowing the mech to fly into the Sharg’s mouth while the team on the ground to detonates the explosives it was rigged with, eliminating the threat.

Up in space we see Stanford fall from the satellite and experience a flashback with his family before being saved by Buddy. Tanaka is also able to deliver the Robo hearts to Oliva as the team reestablishes global defense.

The team is preparing to return to Sky Corp when Stanford determines that the mammoth Sharg is a queen, capable of constantly shooting eggs to earth, and must be destroyed. The team rallies and shoots a power core at their giant foe as the credits begin to pop before we discover what happened.

Fans of the show must have enjoyed watching Adam Williams finally engage in somewhat meaningful combat. I know I did.

The scene with Ava’s parents was surprisingly humorous and poignant, with her mom finally expressing some gratitude for her talented daughter.

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