Mech Cadets: Season One finale and who may have been the person behind the door

Season one of Mech Cadets on Netflix has ten episodes in it’s first campaign, with the finale “Family” fully speeding towards a second year following Stanford, Maya, Frank, and Sky Corp.

We start with the team in space deciding to kill the Sharg queen once and for all. They shoot a Robo heart at it and the explosion unexpectedly opens a black hole. Tanaka determines that they have to repeat the attack and that it must be him that pushes the queen into the black hole eliminating the danger it poses to earth. Buddy will use his discovered ability to control gravity to assist.

But when the second explosion occurs Tombo’s arm falls off and Tanaka is unable to push the queen. Olivia steps up in Hero Force One, sacrificing herself with her father watching back at Sky Corp.

We get a flashback of Olivia falling offer her skateboard when she’s a kid. Park and her mother, Charlie, patch her up before she returns to skating against their guidance to start again tomorrow.

Park and Tanaka grieve over the death of Olivia. Tanaka goes to Charlie’s grave and we discover that he’s her sister, making Olivia her niece and Park her brother in law. Ava decides that she’s leaving Sky Corp because of the possible cruelty to Robos, and Maya and Frank share a kiss before they’re interrupted by Adam Williams who is moving in the dorms.

The team decides that Olivia could still be alive, and joined by General Park in his own Hero Force Mech, they take off on a search mission.

We then see Olivia appear beyond the black hole. Her mech disappears and she’s lying on the ground. She stands up and see a door open with a bright line blinding her as the credits pop.

Some notes:

Who did Olivia see? We’re beyond the black hole. Anything is possible. I’m going to say she saw Charlie, her mom. That’s my guess.

Excellent finale. I adore the animation of the flashback scenes. I’ll say that again.

We’ve got some excellent arcs set up for a potential season two.

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