Praise Petey: “Punishment Hole” yields musical numbers about UTIs

Episode 9 of Praise Petey from a 30,000 foot perspective is probably one of the most unique plots you’ll watch on TV this year. After all, I haven’t seen any other shows about a 20 something cult leader, who has her followers singing musical numbers about her urinary tract infection anywhere else. FreeForm bro..

This is what happened when the human shitszu noticed Petey getting up in the morning and tracked her to the pharmacy, where the villagers followed her and bursted into song under the suspicion that she is hooking up with Bandit, and could soon potentially bear a blood heir soon for the comet cult. Petey decides she doesn’t appreciate the buzz, and acts.


Elsewhere, Eliza is moving her relationship along with Grease Trap Connie along by ducking Petey and making Gnocchi. She struggles but Connie remains patient. Bandit tries to complete his onboarding for Mayor of New Utopia, but is also distracted by Petey, this while the cult elders and their reality show “Elder House” head to New York to secure her eggs from a facility she hired while drunk and watching City f*****.

You got all that?

Frustrated with everything going on around her, Petey begins using her dads cult tool such a city wide PA system and the dreaded Punishment Hole. After talking it out with the folks in her town, she ultimately decides to release her residents from the four foot deep hole in the middle of the park that does not meet the expectations for its dreaded name.

If the voice of one of Petey’s side pieces sounds familiar, it’s Chris Estrada, star of “This Fool” another FTR favorite (read some of the show’s best quotes HERE).

And to close, here is another push for a “Elder House” web series or spin off. Funny stuff. See you next time!

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