Special Ops Lioness: Episode 6 brings the arrival of a highly anticipated character

Special Ops: Lioness is beginning its homestretch, and episode 6 introduced a highly anticipated character played by an Academy Award winner. And its a good thing too because viewers were starting to ask questions.

We’ll get back to that in a second.

First, we’ll start with Cruz reconnecting with Aaliyah after the San Antonio operation. This time it’s just going to be our operative and her mark, and Aaliyah has planned out a peaceful spa weekend for them. While Cruz continues to fumble the details of high society, she does grow closer to the bride to be, and its not long before the tone turns to more of a romantic one.

Things in Washington aren’t going so well for Joe and Kaitlyn, with the two being summoned to the White House for a sit down with Secretary Edward Mullins, played by Morgan Freeman. He takes the two, along with Westfield and Kyle to task for what happened in Texas, but gives them a reprieve because of the progress their making with Cruz and Aaliyah. During the brief Joe reveals that she’s prepared to sacrifice Cruz if needed.

We flash in with the Lioness team, who is pulling surveillance on the operation when the house they’re working out of gets robbed. They call in Kyle to payoff the robbers and threaten them should they make any noise.

When Joe returns home, she shares a drink with Neil and discovers that Kate’s recovery is rockier than expected and pledges to put in more time.

We finish with Cruz and Aaliyah, after their night of movies and popcorn, when we learn that the wedding will be in Mallorca. Caught up in the excitement, the two share a kiss and begin making out before they pull themselves away, leaving Cruz with both an important announcement for the team and affection for Aaliyah.

Only two notes this week.

It was good that Morgan Freeman showed up this week. He was featured in the marketing for the show and a more than a month in, people were beginning to get animated.

The scary movie the two were watching? Paranormal Activity. The first film in a franchise that went on for years.

What did you notice this week? Let me know in the comments.

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