Harlan Coben’s Shelter: We learn who Lizzie Sobek and the creepy EMT really are

The third episode of Harlen Coben’s Shelter keeps the streak of information packed shows going but does offer some important payoffs just before the credits pop.

But you’re probably here to discover who Lizzie Sobek is.

Bat Lady is Lizzie Sobek. She reveals this after Mickey trails Sunglasses Man back to the scary house on Hobart avenue and navigates a system of underground tunnels to pop up into her living room. She tells him the true story of how she rescues those children from the train heading to Auschwitz.

Which leads us to the next big reveal. Who was the creepy EMT who took Brad, Mickey’s father, in the first episode?

He is called the Butcher of Lodz, the Nazi who murdered the majority of children on the train. Bat Lady (or Lizzie) shows him a picture of the same scar faced man at the accident that night.

And those two important pieces of information weren’t all we got this episode.

We watched Rachel escape from Octopus face after her confrontation at the train station by pulling the gun we saw in Ashley’s backpack. And it was also Rachel who went into Ashley’s locker after she went missing.

Shira and Hannah made up and then made out. Yes, we last see them kissing in the kitchen after Mickey’s Grandparents anniversary party.

Movie star Angelica Wyatt (Stephanie March) is introduced as the Kasselton class musical sponsor of “The Phantom of the Opera”

And our final scene shows Ashley, with a butterfly tattoo of her own. We get a flashback of Ashley preparing to approach Mickey and his dad in the woods but she’s snatched before she can get to them. She must have escaped but we don’t discover how.

This connected to the flashback of children being led to the Butcher of Lodz could indicate that the kidnapped children are labeled by butterflies, which means Ema could be in trouble and the tattoo artist, Agent could be with the abductors.

What did you see? There is a lot going on. Let me know in the comments below.

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