Only Murders In The Building: A Papa John’s in Yonkers

Only Murders In The Building was back this week with the fourth episode of it’s third season, as we continue to try to unravel the mess that was the murder of Ben Glenroy.

We begin with Cinda Canning (Tina Fey) hosting a different kind of podcast with a more positive and holistic feel, but she does snap off the record when she remembers that she was almost framed for murder last season before getting back on message.


Next is Mabel trying to find another apartment after her place at The Arconia was sold by her aunt. The title of the episode was “The White Room” and we notice a tour of a perpective new place which is all white, but we learn that reference would lead to another white room in the episode (more on that in a second). Mabel keeps getting a text but the show doesn’t immediately reveal who it is. She turns down the appointment before the credits hit.

We get to the real White Room when we see a rehearsal of the Death Rattle musical where Charles, who doesn’t normally do musicals begins a number before he drifts into the real “White Room” a euphoric dance around a pleasant space in his mind. When he comes to, he finds the rest of the production traumatized by what had occurred.

The show sticks with Charles as we learn he’s moved in with his girlfriend Joy,and can perform the Death Rattle song when he mixes an omelette. Joy does let Charles know that she threatened Ben while he was alive if he ever hurt Charles.

Mabel manages to get close to Kimber, while the guys break into Ben’s dressing room. Mable learns that Kimber sold her missing hankey for a quick payday seemingly ruling her out as a suspect. She’s called to Ben’s dressing room where the guys have found a death threat to Ben scrawled in lipstick on his mirror.


The texts don’t stop and Mabel finally agrees to a meeting and we learn that it’s Cinda Canning who is texting her, and offers her a proposal to be her partner while the guys drift away into their acting gigs. After some thought, she rejects her before meeting back up with the guys.

We catch up with Charles, who still can’t stay out of the White Room, and drifts into it once more only to wake up and discover he’s proposed to Joy. When Oliver and Mabel arrives, Joy agrees to marry Charles and then takes ownership of the lipstick, unbeknownst that the trio has potentially tied it to the murderer as the episode closes.

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