The Bachelorette: Fans believe ending to Charity’s season was the best outcome

The Charity Lawson season of The Bachelorette is behind us, and while many of the previous seasons have had a controversial or even busted finish, many of the viewers that tuned in for the finale last night believe showrunners delivered the best outcome possible.

An FTR Flashpoll taken during the finale illustrated that the majority agreed with almost every winner of the season.

Aside from the favorability of the Bachelorette, the other three winners are considered to be the engaged participant, the participant selected to be the next Bachelor, and the participant with the most airtime and booking for future appearances.

Charity was viewed positively by the audience from wire to wire of her season. That’s not always a guarantee. ABC saw enough to continue her run on the network with an upcoming appearance on Dancing with the Stars, where participants like Hannah Brown and Kaitlyn Bristowe have won their season with rollover support from the ‘Bachelornation’.

Dotun was Charity’s pick to be her next fiancee. He managed to avoid any controversy during the season and had great chemistry with his wife to be.

Joey will be the next Bachelor. An entrenched number 2 behind Duton for Charity’s heart, he had the in attendance audience sobbing when he was eliminated and had them cheering a half hour later when the announcement was made that he would be getting his own season.

FTR also included season villain and “Accessory King” Brayden in the poll. Brayden had two segments on “The Men Tell All” show last week and was heavily featured on the finale sitting next to former Bachelorette Rachel Recchia fueling rumors. He’s also been booked for Bachelor in Paradise, the show’s lighter ensemble spin off. The inclusion of the villain is a risky metric and could have lost the majority for the poll but it didn’t, demonstrating how happy the audience was at the end of the night.

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