The Bachelorette: Jesse Palmer ends latest campaign with high favorability

Jesse Palmer, a former football player, ESPN analyst, and contestant on the Bachelor himself, continues to do well with The Bachelornation, after the conclusion of The Charity Lawson season of The Bachelorette.

A mini Twitter poll taken during the finale illustrates favorability going Palmer’s way.

Because of the small sample size, we also went looking for Jesse Palmer mentions tied to negatives such as “idiot”, “dumb”, “annoying”, and “stupid” and came up with little.

On a hostile platform such as Twitter or “X” that is saying something. Results were also favorable on Facebook and Instagram.

This matters because the show went on something of a hosting spiral after the controversial departure of longtime host Chris Harrison a couple of years back. The show went with Palmer and also a duo of Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams at first. Palmer’s favorables were under much more scrutiny during his first couple of campaigns.

And ABC viewers are often outspoken about hosts they don’t enjoy. An example would be Tyra Banks on the other high performing network offering “Dancing with the Stars”, the supermodel and show producer would endure public complaints for the entirety of her hosting tenure because of her aggressive interviewing of the contestants and judges. Julianne Hough takes over for the upcoming season after Banks announced her departure.

And like Hough, Palmer has other endorsement deals like “Rooms To Go”. The commercials are often seen parallel to the Bachelor franchise seasons.

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