We knew Orange County wasn’t taking renter protections seriously with toothless enforcement

If you’re a renter in Orange County, then you already understand most of what you’re preparing to read.

Most of your elected officials work for Orlando real estate and property management. It’s not your fault. It’s just that you’re likely not writing a fortune in campaign checks.

Which is why many of us rolled our eyes last year when Orange County established its Office of Tenant Services. And a local news story HERE shines a light on what is mostly a symbolic public relations gesture aimed at feigning an interest in protecting renters, when compared to the scope and size of other operations in the county.

The office operates on a budget of less than one million. We gave Universal $125 million dollars for a road before the pandemic (story HERE).

The office has a staff of three people. There are 1.7 million residents in Orange County.

And they’re reactive. They don’t sweep for violations specified in the report and have 90 days to answer any complaints. Imagine waiting 90 days for a highly touted protection service to do its job.

But sadly, none of this should come as a shock to you. Our Mayors and some commissioners have always dragged their feet on the housing problem in Orlando.

The county Housing For All Task Force, which published its findings years ago was a failure and we’ve since only seen housing in Orange County get worse.

This is because they’re pretending. They’re not serious about helping you and there is no help coming.

They don’t work for you. They work for Orlando Real Estate. Remember?

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