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The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart: Forgiveness for June is difficult, but ultimately warranted

Sigourney Weaver has done such a wonderful job on The Flowers of Alice Hart, that it’s no wonder why we’ve been watching this talented actor for over four decades now.

But June Hart has been a very tough character to rally behind, and as her character confronts her death after a bout with cancer, we take inventory of her actions leading to everyone’s hesitancy to be by her side during her final moments.

Her mission is undoubtedly a noble one. The owner of the Thornfield Refuge takes her “Flowers”, who are women trying to escape abusive relationships, and rebuilds them. She gives them paying jobs. She teaches them how to drive. And she nurtures a sisterhood that rallies around each other. When one of the abusers stalks one of the women in her care, she confronts him and takes the beating for her. She adopts Alice as one of her own, and while she lies about Charlie to Twig, Sally tells us that she paid for everything he ever needed.

But that wasn’t the only lie, or lie by omission June committed.

She lied to Alice about Agnes at Thornfield.

She didn’t protect Candy or Agnes from Clem.

And perhaps her biggest deception, she had Oggi deported. Alice’s life wouldn’t be in danger right now if she had married Oggi. This young man loved her and she went as far as to conceal their communications after the deed.

But as I watch the show, I’m still saddened to watch her suffer with the lack of closure as death approaches.

This is because all she’s known is abuse by men. Clem was the product of her rape while protecting Roberta or the “Robber Baron”. Clem destroyed Agnes, almost killed Charlie, and badly damaged Alice.

When you look through that lens, there might be understanding waiting at the other side.

Now we await her final breaths. Her life is already a tragedy. But her life without closure from two of the people she loves the most might be too harsh of a punishment.

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