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The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart: Not all of the men are evil; some have been great

Almost all of the damage done in The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart has come at the hands of abusive men. This tragic story has revolved around husbands beating their wives or girlfriends, and the sexual assault that either precedes or follows the abuse.

And the show illustrates that the damage remains decades after the man is gone. It leads to lies that can alter lives.

As a guy who blogs the show, I could see how some men could see what’s taking place and dismiss it as a show that is powered off of portraying all men as abusive.

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That wouldn’t be true. There have definitely been some good or even excellent men on this show. They haven’t fared well but they’re here. I’ll list them for you.

Moss the Veterinarian: Yeah, many of us were soured before Alice split with him. But his actions were good. He nursed Pip back to life for free. He checked up on Alice when she passed out in front of his clinic. He was a decent dude.

Oggi: Oh, Oggi. Alice’s first friend and only real true love. He was nothing but kind from the jump and to watch his kind nature carry over into adulthood was one of the happiest aspects of this story. He should have married Alice and they should have been happy forever.

But my Exhibit A.

John Morgan: This cop, who came so close to rescuing Agnes and Alice, raised not one but two Clem’s kids. Don’t forget. The abuser was the real father to Sally’s only biological child and their daughter who died at a young age. But he agreed to take in Charlie and loved both kids like they were his own.

Not a lot of viewers will remember John Morgan, but they should. And fans of the show should invoke him when someone says the only song “Alice Hart” has to be play is a solemn one where all of the men are villains.

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