Jack Ryan Harlan Coben's Shelter

Harlen Coben’s Shelter: Yeah, that’s a Jack Ryan reference, and how they hid the body

We got something of a breather episode on the fourth outing of Harlen Coben’s shelter, and in the case of this show, that’s not a bad thing given how much information has been thrown at us. But the last 20 minutes picked up and still has us primed for next week.

But I want to talk about something you may have noticed while watching the episode, and it’s a nod to another successful Amazon Prime Direct Video program.

When Spoon and Ema (loving this duo btw) are looking through the doctor’s office files, they ultimately find information that Dylan Shakes was seen by the doctor on the day he went missing.

But we see another familiar name in the files. Jack Ryan.

Yes, Tom Clancy hero Jack Ryan, portrayed on Amazon by John Krasinski, and who has been played by other big stars in the past, like Harrison Ford, Alec Baldwin, Ben Affleck, and Chris Pine.

Blink and you’ll miss it, and its likely that you did.

Our next question has to do with Vollmer’s body in the front yard of Lizzie’s house. We knew the cops went digging for it and they didn’t find it.

In another fast moving moment, we later hear Lizzie explain to Ms. Friedman that if they would have dug deeper, then they would have found the corpse.

Lizzie and Sunglasses Man buried Vollmer and then put the dead deer on top of his body.

The story is coming to a nice boil. This musical should be interesting, and even though Mickey and Ashley only knew each other for like 19 minutes, I’m actually looking forward to a reunion.

See you next week!

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