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Only Murders In The Building: Here is the article from the end credits of “Ah Love”

A new episode of “Only Murders in the Building” dropped this week, and the fifth episode of the third season titled “Ah Love” provided another ominous conclusion, as all three of our amateur sleuths are romantically tied to suspects of a varying degree.

The last scene featured Oliver finding a scrapbook of Loretta’s, with nothing but article cut outs of Ben Glenroy articles. The show even puts one on the screen for the entirety of the credits.

Here it is in an easier to read format.

Ben Glenroy T-Shirt Gate (cont)

The Mega Star (known especially for his firm abdomen) wore an offensive t-shirt to meet the pope.

But there’s more!

Ben Glenroy who’s film COBRO broke box office records last year (and cemented him both as an action mega star and a creative visionary) is no strange to controversy. He caused an international uproar last year after he made comments about Dolly Parton while presenting her with a lifetime achievement award at the Nashville School for the Blind (and NO we’re not repeating what he said). Then there was the letter he “anonymously” sent to Queen Latfals (?), followed by a series of outbursts on multiple late night shows which the star attributed to a since resolved medical imbalance. But when the A-lister met the Pope last week wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the word “MANWH*RE” millions of god fear fans finally said “enough is enough”.

Glenroy’s team claimed there was mix up; he was wearing the t-shirt under a sweater that he was never supposed to take off, but now sources close to the star say that this was all a carefully planned prank. It certainly wouldn’t be out of character with Glenroy saying he’s “beefing” with the head of the Catholic church. Why? “I never trust a Catholic who wears a yarmulke.” Touche. The t-shirt is the latest piece of street wear from designer SKUNK and retails for $7,500. Not too shabby.

Note: The papal headware in question is technically called a Zuchettos. The more you know!

What did you think of the episode? Who is your prime suspect? Let me know in the comments below!

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